Final installation

Finally after a good flying season, winter again opens the possibility to continue working on our OpenVario project. Haldor posted a brief update on so in order to keep this simple I’ll just past his post right here:

First of all – I would like to thank the OV development team for making this an open project and also a big thanks for all the support the OV community have provided us with during our build 😀

2016-01-24 13.37.29Status for us after this weekend is shown in the pictures :mrgreen:
We have up to this date had a rats nest of wires and with the redesign of the instrument panel to accomodate the OV we cleared out all previous wiring – a fresh start!

The slim profile of our LS6 instrument panel dont leave much room to spare, the 7″ OV take the majority obvisouly…
The bolt pattern of the panel to fix it to the canopy hinge/frame leave only enough room for a single 57mm instrument on either side.

Our new configuration is:
ASI 57mm on the left left, OV center, compensated mechanical vario 57mm to the right.
Altimeter 57mm below OV followed by a 57mm Air.Comm / Transponder unit (not complete yet)

Our Openvario is operational, read GPS and ADS-B provided by FLARM & Garrecht 1090. Maps installed.


Looking good!





The only unknown now is what kind of vario/alt/speed data it will provide when airborne!




2016-01-23 20.21.38-22016-01-23 20.22.30-2

Screenshots from OV
showing a  Norwegian B737 passing overhead, taking off from a local airport (ENTO) 🙂 displaying ads-b signal from the TRX1090.





Haldor and Jarle

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