Preparation for glider installation

After years of changing the setup, wiring was a total mess. Therefor we decided  it was2016-03-13 12.57.03 time for spring cleaning. Everything out, and start from scratch. I spent last weekend preparing and has slowly started to lay out new wires, fuses and switches neatly arranged through a connecting panel between the battery, main switch and the electronics.

Our final cockpit layout will be as follows:2016-03-13 17.24.33

  • OpenVario 7″
  • Flarm
  • TRX-1090- ADS-B and Transponder-receiver for FLARM®
  • BT Bluetooth from (backup for PDA/Phone running XCSoar)
  • AIR COM – The next generation aircraft radio
  • AIR COM – VT01 transponder
  • Single display for radio/transponder

Next up is all pressure tubes.

To be continued….

Update – Stick remote is working 🙂

3 thoughts on “Preparation for glider installation

  1. Hi!

    Love your setup, it’s very inspiring! There are some radios that can be remote controlled by xcsoar, did you implement that for your Air Com?


    • Thanks Samuel! No, we haven´t considered that for the time being, but something to look in to when everything els is up and running I guess. GPS integration for automatic frequency change/standby on AirCom looks like a cool feature 🙂

      Happy flying!

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