Stick Remote Control progress

Finally received all components for our Stick Remote Control. Push buttons 2016-02-18 22.57.56and 4 way joystick from eBay and PCB from, same provider we used for the OV boards.

I haven’t had the chance to test it yet, but if everything works I’ll put the gerber files for PCB card here in case somebody needs it.

Next – load software to Arduino, config and testing.

For the stick itself, Haldor will be making that out of wood something like the one on the picture just different buttons.


2 thoughts on “Stick Remote Control progress

    • Hi, Not sure what you mean, but if you go the project page and and search the openvario thread you will find answers to all your questions. Just finished the Norwegian nationals last week and Openvario system performed perfectly. Happy landings!

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