Stick Remote Control for our OpenVario setup

We have decided to add a stick remote to our setup although we have backside_leonardoa touchscreen. In our previous setup with PNA/PDA, touchscreen has been our only option when interacting with the gliding software of choice. This has worked pretty good, but those having a stick remote strongly advice us to add such a feature.
Parts on its way from around the world...So, with to much time on our hands during the winter no-flying season – a new project is in order.

3 thoughts on “Stick Remote Control for our OpenVario setup

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  2. As I am preparing a wooden grip for the stick, I need a dimensional sketch of the topplate with the swiches
    Who can help me / provide a link to a drawing?

    • Hi, it was my partner in crime who made our stick, so I’m not aware of any sketches other than make the base at the top big enough for the arduino board. The rest is pretty much a matter of comfort a guess…

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