Siren C.30 Edelweiss

The Siren C.30 Edelweiss (or C.30S) is a 15 m span, Standard Class sailplane designed in France in the early 1960s. The Edelweiss came second in its class at the 1963 World Gliding Championships (WGC) and first in its class two years later. Several are still flying in France and elsewhere in 2010.

This GILF was sent in by my good friend and fellow gliderpilot in my club at Notodden in Norway. Here is his description and why this is one of his wet dreams still after decades of flying and numerous gliders in his logbook:
“My wet dream ? Well, having flown about anything which can glide through the athmosfere, ranging from Scheibe Bergfalke II/55, ASK 8b, K13, Pik3, “all kind of” SchemppHirths, and even Pik 20 and 18 meter aluminium Antonov A-15(!) , and now these days previliged to own my ASH31Mi, my secret wet dream is; Brace your horses….the french Sirên Edelweiss. Serious. Has been a dream since teenage ( secret nr 2; I am now 58..). Butterfly tail, just as my first own glider, the Standard Austria SH1, but much more slender, you more or less strap on the glider as you lay down flat on your back. Cockpit walls touching shoulders, you melt into and become part of her…. niizze, heh ? Beautiful lines, and said to be a delight to control, does not argue a bit on your inputs…. thats’s something! As my old late friend Harald Høymyhr once wrote in FlyNytt, a norwegian flying magazine; give me 30.000 shining norwegian kroner and I know what I would spend the at, just after having flown an Edelweiss back in late 60’es or possibly early -70’ties. (wow..30 K for a factory new top notch competition glider…those were the days..)
OK, GILFS, your draw……
Happy landings
( by the way, I am chairman og Sandefjord Gliding club, we operate from Notodden in the mountainous part of Telemark, check Jarles startpage for a link to this may-be best norwegian gliding site for local as well as X/C flying. And our fleet should meet the expectations of most glider friends, wether you want relaxed local gliding, X/C or unlimited aerobatics. Strap on and visit us ladies and gent’s. Welcome!!)”

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